Benenden Neighbourhood Plan

Benenden Neighbourhood Plan

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The referendum edges closer. Following a positive Independent Examination, the changes required by the Examiner have been incorporated, and an updated draft Plan submitted to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.  As the Local Planning Authority they are responsible for taking the Plan through the relevant Committees for review and sign-off prior to the referendum.  

The draft Plan continues to require:

  • Protection for 11 Green Spaces - such as the Glebe Field in Benenden, Iden Green Recreation Ground, and the Cricket Pitch at East End;
  • Protection for 23 local Views - sitting on a ridgeline we have many lovely viewpoints;
  • Provision of sufficient affordable housing in line with identified local needs;
  • Making use of brownfield sites where possible, while protecting the AONB.  

You can see the latest draft of our Plan here : Final draft of Bendenden's Neighbourhood Development Plan


To see the documents for consideration and decision by the TWBC Committees click on the following links :