On Thursday  13th May from 1000hrs, Benenden School CCF will be conducting a Blank firing exercise.

This will take place all on Benenden School ground in the field to the back of the schools all weather pitch and in the woods.

The publicfoot path across this area will have a sentry posted there to stop anyone going through while this is going on. 

Missing Tree

Benenden Village Trust is delighted to have received a specific grant from Cllr Seán Holden to enable the careful planting of numerous new trees in the parish, and to report that the planting has recently been completed for the benefit of the community.


However, the Trust is very disappointed to report that one of the newly planted oak trees by the felled horse chestnut tree on Benenden Recreation Ground has vanished – presumably dug up and stolen together with the stake, tie and guard.


Notice of the publication of the Tunbridge Wells Borough Local Plan

Notice of the publication of the Tunbridge Wells Borough Local Plan

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is carrying out a public consultation on its Pre-Submission Local Plan.

The Local Plan sets out a vision and development strategy, which sets out proposed planning policies, with related site allocations and policies, for future development in the borough up to 2038.

Benenden Public Toilets

Benenden Parish Council is extremely concerned to learn of improper behaviour in the men’s public toilets in the village.

Kent Police have been made aware and are carrying out regular patrols.

The Parish Council has been advised that this is happening with increasing regularity and would like anyone with information which may help to contact Caroline Levett,



Village Tidy


Parish Councillors are aware that there is quite a bit of litter on our verges and in our hedgerows.

Unfortunately the pandemic has prevented the organisation of the usual Village Tidy Events. 

Keep Britain Tidy’s own advice has been that no organised litter picking events should take place whilst in lockdown.

Pavement Parking

The Parish Council has received complaints about pavement parking in The Street.


Please be aware that pavement parking causes inconvenience and distress for pedestrians, particularly those with disabilities or infirmities, and those with small children in pushchairs and buggies. In addition, when drivers of goods and delivery vehicles see that pavement parking is already happening, they will follow suit and park their large vehicles on the pavement, causing even further inconvenience and disruption for pedestrians.