Vyvyan Cottages, House to Rent

Vyvyan Cottages, Benenden House to Rent

English Rural Housing Association is the landlord for the social rented housing at Vyvyan Cottages and is looking for new tenants for a 2 bedroom house there.  The homes are part of an affordable housing development designed to meet the needs of local people.

The property available is a 2 bedroom house for rent of £176.56 per week.

Please contact Pam Howard of English Rural Housing Association on 020 7820 7930 for details and register with the local authority as quickly as possible in order to bid. Details can also be found on English Rural’s website at www.englishrural.org.uk.’

The properties will be advertised on the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Kent Homechoice website between 18th and 22nd July 2018. Any interested parties must apply for the property through the Choice Based Lettings scheme;  ERHA are more than happy to provide details on how to do this. Applicants must be registered or start registering with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council on their Housing Register, which they can do by calling 01892 554066.