Policing Matters

Kent Against Burglary

Most of us lock our homes before going out or going to bed, but do you also:

  • use timer switches on lights and radios to make it look like you’re home?
  • store car keys and cash/handbags somewhere safe and out of sight?
  • security-mark and photograph important items to help identify them if needed?
  • use a safe to store gold jewellery  – or better still, a safety deposit box at your bank?

Burglars will seek out an opportunity if they can. Let’s work together to limit their chances.

For more tips to keep your home and important items safe, visit www.kent.police.uk/burglary, find us on Facebook or follow @kent_police on Twitter.

Dealing with unexpected visitors

Do your elderly parents, neighbours or friends worry about bogus callers? Would they know what to do if an unexpected visitor calls?

You can support them by visiting https://www.kent.police.uk/advice/bogus-callers-and-rogue-traders/for our tips on protecting your home and what to do if someone unexpected stops by.

Gun Amnesty - Two week firearms surrender Monday 31 October – Friday 11 November

Weekly Rural Update 21st October 2016

Kent Police - Weekly Rural Update

Policing in Kent 2017-2021: Autumn 2016 survey

As Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner I must produce a Police and Crime Plan setting out the strategic priorities for Kent Police. The existing Plan ends on 31 March 2017, to be replaced with a new plan for 2017 – 2021.

When writing a new plan I have a duty to consult with victims and the wider community, so I want to know what matters most to you. Please take the time to fill out this short survey and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to fill one in as well. You do not need to provide your name or contact details.

The deadline for completing this survey is 2 December 2016, after which a summary of views and how they have been incorporated into the plan will be published here.

This short survey is only the first stage of a consultation process about Policing in Kent which will continue throughout my term as your Police and Crime Commissioner. I will be attending regular meetings with partners to seek their views on policing and the criminal justice system in Kent and members of the public are welcome to contact my office about any policing issue which matters to them.

Click here to complete the survey.

Please remember that the Police and Crime Plan only sets the strategic priorities for Kent Police - it cannot amend or change the way officers are deployed or the way operational decisions are made. These are matters for the Chief Constable to determine. My job is to hold the Chief Constable to account for the delivery of the plan and its strategic objectives on your behalf.

Thank you.

Matthew Scott

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner