Play Benenden


The campaign to build a new and exciting play area in the centre of the village of Benenden.

A carefully chosen design with a rural theme and a natural look to best suit our village location. An area for younger children, an area suitable for older children and plenty of rubber flooring to ensure more accessibility and usability through the year.


ONLINE: Visit WONDERFUL.ORG and search for Play Benenden

(please tick the GIFT AID box if you are a UK Tax Payer)

CHEQUE: Made payable to BENENDEN VILLAGE TRUST and delivered to

BVT Clerk, Benenden Village Trust, Community Office, Village Hall, The Street, Benenden TN17 4DE (Please include a completed GIFT AID form with your cheque which can be collected from Benenden Village Shop or the Parish Council Office address above. If you are not Gift Aiding, please provide contact details with your cheque so that we can thank you!).

For other ways to donate or any questions, please contact the Play Benenden Committee.

With thanks and in anticipation of your support,

Play Benenden Committee ( or find us on Facebook @playbenenden)

With thanks to Benenden Village Trust, Benenden Parish Council and KIER Construction for their unfailing support and generosity which has resulted in a much lower fundraising target for the community.