Pavement Parking

The Parish Council has received complaints about pavement parking in The Street.


Please be aware that pavement parking causes inconvenience and distress for pedestrians, particularly those with disabilities or infirmities, and those with small children in pushchairs and buggies. In addition, when drivers of goods and delivery vehicles see that pavement parking is already happening, they will follow suit and park their large vehicles on the pavement, causing even further inconvenience and disruption for pedestrians.


There has been a proliferation of cars parked on the pavement on the south side of The Street, including opposite the village shop. A secondary consideration is that pavement parking tends to cause an increase in traffic speed, giving more space on the highway for speeding vehicles.


Following a discussion at the Parish Council meeting, a decision was taken to put leaflets on cars which were parked on the pavement. This does not appear to have been effective in changing behaviour. If you are parking on the pavement, you should be aware that this is a breach of the Highway Code (Rules 145 and 254). You should also be aware that pavement parking may result in a prosecution for obstruction (the pavement is being obstructed from being used by pedestrians, for whose use it is intended). In Kent, the advice is that if there are parking restrictions in place, pavement parking is reported to the local council. In the absence of parking restrictions, pavement parking is a matter for the police and reports are made to the police.


Benenden Parish Council is keen to ensure that the village centre is safe and accessible to all residents and visitors. Please do not park on the pavement in the future, and please advise any visitors that pavement parking is not permissible in Benenden.