Annual Canvass


The annual canvass will be starting on 20 July 2020. The canvass is still legally required to take place despite the public health situation.

There are some changes to the canvass coming into effect this year, and TWBC has conducted a data step with the Cabinet Office to indicate properties that will have changes and those that do not. These results are used to determine which of the new routes of canvass a property should go down.

There are three routes :

Route 1

• This is the route for properties where data matching indicates that there will be no changes.

• If TWBC holds an email address for electors they will send an email to ask for confirmation that details are correct. The emails will be sent around 20 July and ask for a response by 12 August.

• If TWBC does not hold an email address for electors, or does not receive a response by the response date, TWBC will send the property a form which will have the elector details listed on it. The forms will be sent out on 24 August.

Route 2

• This route is for properties where the data suggests that there may be changes to report. It requires 3 contact attempts to be made.

• The 1st stage will be a paper form sent to all properties on 20 July. These forms have a response date of 10 August.

• The 2nd stage depends on whether TWBC has an email address for electors. If we do then we will send an email as in Route 1. If TWBC does not have an email address it will send further forms. The emails will be sent around 20 August and the forms on 24 August, both with response dates of 15 September.

• The 3rd stage is dependent on whether TWBC has a telephone number for electors. If it does then it will use the new telephone cavass to contact electors rather than having to send a canvasser to the property.

• If TWBC does not have a phone number then the legal requirement to send canvassers remains.

Route 3

• Route 3 is for properties that cannot be canvassed effectively in the other routes such as care homes and HMO’s.

• TWBC will be sending emails to these properties on 20 July and follow up as necessary with further emails or phone calls.

Electors should respond as soon as possible, and where possible online.

To report changes and no changes use the online response service

To report no changes only use either the automated telephone service or the SMS service

Telephone – 0800 197 9871

SMS – 80212 (text NOCHANGE followed by security codes)

If you have any queries or doubts over the process please contact the elections team by email or phone 01892 554024